Detective Joe Peterisino – 1909

In 1909 it was the Italians who were the terrorist in New York City.
A New York police detective goes to Italy to secure evidence against the Black Hand and is murdered.

I found the newspaper item, which would only be picked up, if you searched for “black”, which of course means the family of Detective Peterisino of New York would have never found this news item.

I picked it up, created a screen print of it, created a tree to hold the screen print and contacted eleven family trees who had the detective on their branches. Five (5) of those took copies of the screen print.

Here is what they picked up.

A Victim of Black Hand

link to newspaper item:

I didn’t do anything with the family tree I created, other than have his profile page with the news item attached to it so others could find it. I figured there are enough trees with good information for this “Joe Petrosino”.

So you see, sometimes a family tree is just a place holder for an item.

Remember that relative that just does not fit on any of the branches? Why not create a tree or branch for his/her information and you will have a place holder just in case you find the connection some time in the future.

I hope this post has given you some new information, some history and a new perspective on today’s politics… There is always “the other” who we have to fear; back in 1909 it was the Italians, then the Austrian Hungry people, then the Germans, Italian, Japanese, then the Russians and Koreans then the Communist in China and Vietnam and round and round we go, nothing new under the sun.

Thank You.
Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

I found another item that is about the “black hand” but this time in Pennsylvania.

Black Hand news 1908 - Penn

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