Preston County, WV – newspaper

When you are working with an old newspaper, looking for your family members items (births, marriage, anniversary, deaths and obituaries) don’t over look other topics of interest.

In my work with the Google News Archive collection, I’ve come across and captured many genealogy and USA Civil War items.

I capture these items and share them with my blog readers and the FaceBook (FB) genealogy community. I do this because my blog tags will get picked up in a search and the FB community is large and worldwide; so many more eyes will see these items. I take the time to pick up this additional items because I am looking at the item, I find it interesting, I figure others would like to see it and it takes just a few minutes of my time.

I am currently working on a huge project and in so doing I am visiting all my old family trees that I created from information off of old newspapers. In doing this work I often have to look at the old issue of the newspaper, to confirm the links and today I looked at this newspaper: The Preston County Journal – Nov 16, 2005

I posted two items to FB and now record them on my blog.

You will notice that I start off my FB post by telling the reader that it is a post about genealogy. I do that so they will not confuse it with one of my many political posts; it save them time and helps their blood pressure.

These are some of the FaceBook genealogy groups where I post my work. You can click on the name to go to the page or you can copy the url and file it away for later use.


Historians and Genealogists Community

GAA (Genealogy Addicts Anonymous)

Genetic Genealogists Anonymous (Australia)

(Genealogy) I need your Help

Michigan Genealogy

Here is one of the closed Genealogy FaceBook groups that I just joined:


I hope these two posts will give you some information, some entertainment and above all will help you with your family tree research.

Thank You
Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

For my genealogy and USA civil war friends — on the November 2005 issue of “The Preston County Journal” Dorothy B. Snyder starts a column titled, “Reliving Lives: Prestonian and the Civil War 1861 to 1865”. The newspaper is published in Kingwood, West Virginia, and the collection is on Google News. This first bio is for David Shaffer. I started a tree for David Shaffer in hopes of finding his family and let them know about the article, because it does not get picked up in a search unless you are doing a search for “by Dorothy B. Snyder”. Here is the link to the newspaper column. —

For my genealogy friends with ancestry in West Virginia — I posted the Civil War item and was looking at the newspaper issue and found this interesting item about West Virginia Genealogy. —

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