Clifford W Welder 1986 obit – Penn


The number thirteen (13) may be unlucky for some, but not for this family tree story.

I found an obit for Clifford W Welder, in a 1986 Reading, Pennsylvania, newspaper. I took a screen print of the obit and created a tree to hold it. I named the tree: Clifford W Welder obit Aug 1986 – Penn – Family Tree, so that I would have useful information in the family tree name.


After putting some information on the tree, I started getting hints and other names and dates. I was then able to find twelve (12) other items for this family tree.

So a total of thirteen (13) items.



I don’t know the sequence of my finds but here is the list:


Double Birthday: Carl w. Shaffer and sister: Mrs. William Woomert, children of Lewis Shaffer


Death: Mrs. Thelma Woomert – Her husband Allen died in March of this year (1951)


Obit: Adam W Sands


Obit: Allen E Woomert


Obit: Annie (Albright) – Mrs. William H Sands


Obit: Mrs. Edna E. (Scholl) Woomert


Obit: Fannie (nee Booser), Mrs. William Woomert


Obit: Melissa (Rhoads) Sands


Obit: Naomi M. (Woomert) – Mrs. Earl D. Wunder


Obit: William H Sands



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The links for the items will be listed at the bottom of this post, so that you can see the original newspaper items.

I hope this post will give you some good information and perhaps even list one of your family members.

Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan


Links with some info:

I found this Clifford obit and created a tree to hold the screen print.


Clifford W Welder


Reading Eagle – Aug 20, 1986





Clifford W Welder obit Aug 1986 – Penn – Family Tree


I then found twelve (12) other newspaper items:



Double Birthday

Carl w. Shaffer and sister: Mrs. William Woomert

children of Lewis Shaffer


Reading Eagle – Sep 16, 1928



Mrs. Thelma Woomert

Her husband Allen died in March of this year (1951)


Lawrence, Kansas

Lawrence Journal-World – Jun 8, 1951



Reading, Penn

Reading Eagle – Jun 7, 1951


Reading, Penn

Reading Eagle – Jun 10, 1951

See to right of this:



Adam W Sands


Reading Eagle – May 29, 1942



Allen E Woomert


Reading Eagle – Mar 22, 1951



Annie (Albright) – Mrs. William H Sands


Reading Engle – Aug 1, 1933



Mrs. Edna E. (Scholl) Woomert


Reading, Penn

Reading Eagle – Feb 8, 1962



Fannie (nee Booser), wife of William Woomert, died


Reading Eagle – Feb 9, 1920


See to right and up from this link:



Melissa (Rhoads) Sands


Reading Eagle – Feb 21, 1929



Naomi M. (Woomert) Wunder – Mrs. Earl D. Wunder


Reading Eagle – Dec 20, 1955

See above this link:


Reading Eagle – Dec 21, 1955



William H Sands


Reading Eagle – Apr 18, 1936




I also did the following search, but I did not create screen prints of the items.

You might find some of these items useful for your tree if you are part of this family.

Search is : William Woomert

Here are results from page 1



Mrs. Alice Woomert and sons Harry and William this city

are guests of C. Emerson Woomert at the national capital

Reading Eagle – Mar 4, 1913



Camp 163, P.O.S. of A.

About twin brothers one VP the other inspector

of the camp

Wm H Woomert and Harry W. Woomert

born in Akron, Lancaster Co.

Wm works at Wide Awake Shirt Factory

Harry works at Kline Emmihimer & Co. dept store

reside at 146 North Sixth st

Reading Eagle – Jan 18, 1914



About Wm being a pen pal

Reading Eagle – Jun 28, 1942



drowning Mr Morris D Witwet leavs six children

in the fishing outing party was

Mrs. William Woomert 1149 North Ninth st

the mother of Mrs. Elizabeth (Woomert) Witwer

surviving children:

Morris – 18

Esther – 15

Carrie – 13

Anna – 16

Mary – 12

William – 9

First news reached Jacob Woomert

1347 Mulberry st a brother-in-law of deceased

Reading Eagle – Jul 21, 1919




William Woomert in Reading Evening HS class of 1914

Reading Eagle – Mar 1, 1914



Lawn Party at Gibraltar, guests included:

Harry Woomert and William Woomert

Reading Eagle – Sep 3, 1914



Miss Alice Woomert

146 North Sixth street

Mrs. Alice Woomert and her daughter-in-law Mrs. Estella Woomert of Washington DC will be guest of Mrs J. Monroe Dickerson


Mrs. Alice Woomert’s two sons William H. and Harry W of this city (Reading, Penn) are driving war ambulances in France.

Reading Eagle – Jul 10, 1918

See to left of this link:




Morris Witter

age 6

badly scalded died next morning

at the home of grandparents

Mr. and Mrs. William Woomert

933 Union

he is survived by two sisters: Annie and Esther

also a brother: Morris

Reading Eagle – May 18, 1905



Mrs. William H. Woomert

1254 Perkiomen Ave

has winning Derby ticket

Reading Eagle – Jun 1, 1931

Last Names found on tree: Albright, Boose, Boose, Drexel, Elliott, Fisher, Gehret, Gounder, Jocobs, Kulp, Lafferty, Leitheiser, Levering, Missimer, O’Neill, Reinert, Rhoads, Row, Sands, Schittdren, Scholl, Shaffer, Silagy, Stoyer, Walter, Weiss, Welder, Wise, Witmer, Woomert, Wunder

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