My son

Link to memorial page for Juan Jose:   Born: 06 Aug 1984     –     Died: 12 Apr 2015 Juan Jose Munoz, age 30 born: 06 August 1984, in Lansing, Michigan died: 12 April 2015, in Pueblo, Colorado, at Colorado State University father: Jose Antonio Munoz mother: Lorraine Omega Todd I wanted to provide a web site for Juan… Continue reading My son

Maine Newspaper collection in Google News Archive

Here are the newspapers that were published in Maine – Sample: Alphabetical order State, Town name and Newspaper name Correction 16Mar2014 Maine -20       Maine – Bangor Maine – Biddeford Maine – Biddeford – in French Maine – Biddeford Bangor Daily News8,359 issuesNov 28, 1908  – Dec 31, 2008   Nov 28,1980 not… Continue reading Maine Newspaper collection in Google News Archive

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Father John Francis Kenny –

03 Feb 1921 – 07 Sep 2006 Father John Francis Kenny, born: 03 Feb., 1921in Wichita, Kansas died: 07 Sept. 2006in Lakewood, Washington Father Kenny was ordained to the Catholic Priesthood on Dec. 21, 1946and served in the Wichita Dioceseand the Army until his retirement from Madigan Hospital at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He… Continue reading Father John Francis Kenny –

Canada – Saskatchewan – Newspapers in Google News Archive Collection

Below is a list of the newspapers from Saskatchewan, Canada that can be found in the Google News Archive Collection. The Leader-Post15,637 issuesMay 1, 1930 – Jan 31, 1987 The Morning Leader6,246 issuesOct 21, 1901 – Apr 30, 1930 The Qu’Appelle Progress767 issuesNov 27, 1885 – Dec 27, 1900 The Qu’Appelle Vidette499 issuesOct 23, 1884… Continue reading Canada – Saskatchewan – Newspapers in Google News Archive Collection

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School Interrupted 1918

A small item in the old newspaper can give you insight into the life of your ancestor. Here is an item in a November 1918 school newspaper, that tells us that Claire Kilgore will not be coming back to school because her father has died. This small item gives information that might not be known… Continue reading School Interrupted 1918

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Volcano Drama in New Zealand

Some times I come across an item that is so well written and has a captivating story that I must presented as is; a re-post. This is such a story. It is about the December 9th 2019 volcano eruption that occurred in New Zealand. It reminded me of what happened in the 1959 Yellowstone Earthquake… Continue reading Volcano Drama in New Zealand

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Albany, Georgia – obituaries – April 1999

Genealogy30 names in two pages of newspaper: Allen, Baisden, Birchett, Bishop, Bridges, Brown, Butler, Cloud, Craig, Davis, Fowler, Griffin, Harper, Higgs, Johnson, Jones, Lewis, Melix, Meyer, Morris, Phillips, Rich, Seaver, Smith, Solomon, Span, Tillery, Wehlitz, Wilcher, Williams Location, Newspaper name, Date and Link, followed by full name and age of person and a screen print… Continue reading Albany, Georgia – obituaries – April 1999

One obit yields a dozen – Kirkpatrick Kirk – Michigan

Don’t you just hate it when the newspaper item says Mrs. instead of the woman’s first name? I know I’ve posted about this before but this post is different because it took me a long time to find Mrs Charles Beattie first name. Normally I can find the woman’s name within the obituary or on… Continue reading One obit yields a dozen – Kirkpatrick Kirk – Michigan

Brick wall – VanPaemel  wed  DeGrande – Belgium/Michigan

It was a foggy, cold, windy night and out of the inky blackness appeared this sultry mysterious woman, wearing a silk cyan face mask. She came right up to me and stopped a safe 6 feet from me and in a seductive voice whispered, “Are you a genealogist?” I looked right into those piercing jet… Continue reading Brick wall – VanPaemel  wed  DeGrande – Belgium/Michigan

City Directory – How To – make a text file – 1938 – Indiana

When you find your ancestor’s name in a City Directory make sure you capture all the people with the last name and not just your relative. For instance the family name: “DeCloedt” on this 1938, City Directory, from Mishawaka, Indiana. As you can see above there are many people with the same last name “DeCloedt”… Continue reading City Directory – How To – make a text file – 1938 – Indiana

Who is Mrs Elmer Hile? – Michigan – 1927

Don’t you just hate it when the newspaper item has the woman’s name as Mrs., and not her given name? I ran into that problem while working on a Sep 1927 news story on the Ludingtion, Michigan newspaper. Here is the story I saw. The News Item: Notice that here we have the full item… Continue reading Who is Mrs Elmer Hile? – Michigan – 1927

Family Tree – Elbert “Bert” Bynum

On the last blog post Newspapers and Their Dates – Alabama, I talked about the dates on old newspaper and how on some scanned newspapers there are more than one issue under a single date. On one of the blog post screen prints I circles a name on the obit page, Mr Bynum: After I… Continue reading Family Tree – Elbert “Bert” Bynum

Newspapers and their dates – Alabama

While working with the Google News Archive collection you will have to be careful to pay attention to the date that appears on the scan title and the date that appears on actual newspaper. The following case will show you what to look for. I was doing some genealogy research and came across a Newspaper… Continue reading Newspapers and their dates – Alabama