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Here are the three versions of the newspaper collection Google News Archive list  - only has the name of the banner not where it was published Enhanced Google News Archive or  - this version keeps the old format but shows the publication place Enhanced Google News Archive – USA Only. - this is the new version in... Continue Reading →

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My son – Juan Jose – 1984–2015

Link to memorial page for Juan Jose: Born: 06 Aug 1984     –     Died: 12 Apr 2015 Juan Jose Munoz, age 30 born: 06 August 1984, in Lansing, Michigan died: 12 April 2015, in Pueblo, Colorado, at Colorado State University father: Jose Antonio Munoz mother: Lorraine Omega Todd I wanted to provide a web site for Juan Jose's... Continue Reading →

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Private Cemeteries

While working on an Ancestry tree, I came across an interesting comment made by a tree owner (jimmype181) in which he talks about a private cemetery being maintained by a private family. I guess they have been doing it for years. (see below for full comment) My first thought was "who will keep it up... Continue Reading →

William H. Meers

Here is a brief history about the life of William H. Meers. I was looking at some old newspapers, when I came across a story about two men being traded in a prisoner exchange; one man was from USA and was in a Mexican jail and the other was a Mexican man who was in... Continue Reading →

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