How To Work with Google News Archive

Updated on 01 Dec 2014

Updated 08 Sep 2017

Update 22 Apr 2018 – (see bottom for link to 2011 article about shutting down Google Project)

In my last posting I wrote about the date error on The Argus Press newspaper collection in Google News Archive list .

This posting will show you how to navigate this FREE collection.

Click on the images in this presentation to get a large view of the page.

Working with the newspaper collection can be difficult if you don’t know the options available.

In this posting I will discuss the following three options:

1. Browse this newspaper

2. Browse all newspapers

3. Show

– When you first go on to Google News Archive list you get this page.

Argus Blog 000

Google Page

You can then pick a newspaper to go to, such as Argus Press.

– When you click on the newspaper name “Argus Press” you get this page.

Argus Blog 000a

Pick Newspaper

This shows you the collection available to view. Notice the scroll arrows < > on top bar next to dates these arrows allow you to scroll for more issues if there are more issues.

Remember these are the years they say they have available, but the dates might be wrong so go into the “odd” years to make sure they are what Google says they are. “Odd” years will be obvious because they don’t fall within the main collection.

Argus Blog 003f  Decade Spread

Odd years

– When you pick a newspaper to go to, such as this Jul 1, 1972 issue of The Argus Press, you will get this page.

Argus Blog 001

Argus Newspaper

You can then pick a page from that particular issue or pick one of the top two (2) options: Browse this newspaper and Browse all newspapers.


If you pick a page you will be taken into the newspaper page but it will be the full page and hard to read.

To view the particular page close up just move your mouse around the full page until some line highlights and click on it. Or you can use the magnifier – + at top right of page. This will bring the page up to the screen so you can read it.

Either way, full page or close up, you can page through the issue of that newspaper.

The number of newspaper pages for that day is shown at top right. Some really old news papers had only 4 pages. Other newspapers will show a huge number of pages such as 65 but this is the number of photo copy images and it could mean that they photo copied several days of that particular newspaper. So don’t give up when you see a large number, page through the issue.


– If you want to see more issues of the same newspaper click on Browse this newspaper and you will get this page.

Argus Blog 001a

Browse this newspaper

Notice that you get the collection starting with the one you were just at.

– If you go back and pick the Browse all newspapers

Argus Blog 002

arrow to Browse all

you will get this page.

Argus Blog 002a

Google main list

Which is the original full list of newspapers. Notice it is the Google News Archive list, NOT the Enhanced Google News Archive or Enhanced Google News Archive – USA Only.


– Now let us go back to the page we got when we clicked on Browse this newspaper and you will notice on the top left an option which says “Show” which has a drop down menu.

Argus Blog 003

Show Box

This allows you to show what list you want to see from this collect; Decade, Year, Month, Week, Day. See the example pages below.

Argus Blog 003e Decade Spread


Argus Blog 003d Year Spread


Argus Blog 003c Month Spread


Argus Blog 003b Week Spread


Argus Blog 003a Day Spread


-The different options allow you to narrow your search of a particular date in time, and if they have that issue you can select it. You will notice that they may not have what you want and even if they say they do, be sure to check the date.

Argus Blog 003a Day Spread


– I hope this gives you a better understanding of how to use the Google News Archive list collection and of course this is also how the Enhanced Google News Archive or Enhanced Google News Archive – USA Only. work.

Remember that the Enhanced Google News Archive or Enhanced Google News Archive – USA Only tables are my creation and were created to add the newspapers publication location to the existing Google News Archive list.

If you go into Google News Archive list you will not be able to go back to”Enhanced, or USA” through that Google News Archive page.

Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

Update 22 Apr 2018: Additional information: I was asked by Mardi, a tree owner, for a link to the Google News Archive, since she was getting errors trying to access it.

I did a Google Search for “Google News Archive” and got many hits; one of which was the original The Atlantic article I had seen in the past, Google Shuts Down Newspaper Archive Project

The link is: