1890 census… Aargh! – Barnard McCleary

Don’t you just hate it when your ancestor comes to the USA in 1860 at age 32 and the only records you can find are the Federal census for 1870, 1880 and 1900 census. We can also find a death index; an INDEX that gives so little information for his death that it is almost… Continue reading 1890 census… Aargh! – Barnard McCleary

How to document news worthy incident that affects many families

On 21 Jun 1914 in Oswego, New York a boat crossing a canal capsized and twelve (12) people were drowned. The twelve (12) victims came from seven different families: Adams, Crane, Dainer, Mogg, Schultz, Tibbets and Welsh. I first saw the story in The Ludington Daily newspaper and thought it was an important family tree… Continue reading How to document news worthy incident that affects many families

Who is Ruth Best

I have written several blog post on the topic of “relatives living with family members who have different last names.” I have also written about the importance of gathering the records of all the branches, so that you will not miss important clues about the family history and so you will be able to identify… Continue reading Who is Ruth Best

Name Change of Town or Village

Have you ever come across a document that has your ancient relative living in “such and such” a town, but you cannot find the town in any other record? This is a familiar problem with ancestors who lived in the ever changing locations of Europe but it also happens for relatives living in early settlement… Continue reading Name Change of Town or Village

German Newspapers in USA

I was working on Face Book adding links to some genealogy group pages when I had an idea. Why not post the links to the German newspaper, I have on my Google News Archive Enhanced collection. I remember marking some newspapers as being published in German but I didn’t know exactly in which states they… Continue reading German Newspapers in USA

Detective Joe Peterisino – 1909

In 1909 it was the Italians who were the terrorist in New York City. A New York police detective goes to Italy to secure evidence against the Black Hand and is murdered. I found the newspaper item, which would only be picked up, if you searched for “black”, which of course means the family of… Continue reading Detective Joe Peterisino – 1909

Wrong Information? Thomas G Mason 1822-1914

Newspaper accounts may be wrong. Just like the web a newspaper may have the wrong information and you should verify and confirm what you read. Here is an example.     This 1914 newspaper obituary says that “Mason’s family came over from England after 1822, settled in Michigan and founded the town of Mason”.   The… Continue reading Wrong Information? Thomas G Mason 1822-1914

Help – Update 21 Jan 2015

UPDATE: 21 Jan 2015 – I received this message from Jennifer, “here is a link to the diary. I confirmed with my great aunt, it is her fathers.” https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7CgHkWFDZ4JMm80UUJxODJEOHM/view     Yesterday, 28 Dec 2014 I got the following e-mail from my cousin in California. “Help Need to find family of Martin Rosenberg 338 Georgia… Continue reading Help – Update 21 Jan 2015

Graves with no names

Can’t find any more records of Great Aunt Jessie who lived in New York around 1880? Where is Uncle Charlie after 1900 census? The 1910 census shows Mary Lou living with her family but then nothing. Where is Mary Lou? The 1920 census has Aunt Fannie married with one child but she does not show… Continue reading Graves with no names

William R. Mack Killed – 1913

“…having found two trees I was satisfied with my work and I thought I was done with this particular newspaper item, but I was wrong.” In March of 2013 I was reading an old 1913 newspaper “The Cayuga Chief” published in Weedsport, New York and saw the following item: ”William R. Mack Killed, Struck by… Continue reading William R. Mack Killed – 1913

New York Ancestors

In my last blog I gave you information on how to find your Dutch ancestors so it is fitting that we move our searches over to New York state because that is where the Dutch moved to back in 1613.  By the year 2000 Dutch heritage had spread throughout the United States as this Wikipedia map shows: Link: From Wikipedia, the… Continue reading New York Ancestors