Detective Joe Peterisino – 1909

In 1909 it was the Italians who were the terrorist in New York City. A New York police detective goes to Italy to secure evidence against the Black Hand and is murdered. I found the newspaper item, which would only be picked up, if you searched for “black”, which of course means the family of… Continue reading Detective Joe Peterisino – 1909

Gen. Cronje Boer War 1900

Front Page News – War! Most of us in the United States, in the modern world, know something about the Boer War but only in passing. Or we have some idea about the wars based on information from movies such as Breaker Morant (film), Untamed (1955 film), Young Winston. But back in 1900 the Boer… Continue reading Gen. Cronje Boer War 1900

Some Family Trees are easy to find

I was looking for some items in the newspapers on knitting for a blog (don’t ask) when I happened on this item about the son of Abraham Lincoln. It seems that in 1910 Robert T. Lincoln the son of Abraham Lincoln, now sixty-six years old is the president of the Pullman Company yet rarely mentioned… Continue reading Some Family Trees are easy to find