Add a 2nd spouse to the Ancestry family tree, using relationship tool in Edit

How To add a second wife to the family tree using the relationship tool in Edit on profile page.

There are many ways you can add a second wife to the person. Here we will show you How To do it through the relationship tool. You will go onto the persons profile page and find the Edit on top right. Click it and you will get a panel that has the Relationship tool. Click on that and you get the following panel.
Notice I already have one wife and I can add as many more spouses using the Add spouse. Click on it.
This is the panel where you will add a new wife by clicking on the Add new person.
Here you will type in the new persons name and other vital information.
You can also add a new wife to your person by selecting a person that is already on the tree. Let’s say you added the person onto the tree before you knew that it was going to be the wife of your grandfather. Well here you can start typing in her name and see next panel.
When you begin typing the name the system will bring up the names of people on your tree that match what you have typed in; such as here I typed in mary and two possible people came up. I can then select the one I want.
No matter if you add a new person or an existing person this is the result on the relationship page. Two wives.

And as promised the new 2nd wife shows up on his profile page.

I hope this simple “How To” lesson has taught you something new and that you will come back to it from time to time if you forget the steps. You can also share the link with other people who ask you “How do I add a second wife to my grandfather on my family tree.”

Thank You

Jose A. Munoz, from Clarkston, Michigan, USA

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