I want my friend to view my Ancestry family tree.

If you want a friend or family member to be able to view or work on your Ancestry family tree, you can invite them to the tree. They will not have to buy a membership to view and do some work on the tree. You control the level of activity you allow them to do.

Once you click on the left hand panel “invite” you will get this panel.

Here is where you can decide how to invite a person. “Create link or Email or Username”
and you decide what level you want to give them: “Guest, Contributor or Editor”

If you select “Email” you get this next panel.

Here is where you can put in their e-mail and an optional message to them.

Ancestry will send them a message via e-mail telling them that they have been invited to a tree.

From that message they will be able to access the tree by just creating a user ID and a password.

The ID and PW are there to protect the tree and who has access to it.

Again when you are inviting through the E-mail option, you can assign a role to the person; “Guest, Contributor or Editor”.
Each one of the roles has certain abilities that the others can not do.
Here is what Ancestry says about the roles:
  • Guests can view and add comments. They cannot automatically view living people.
  • Contributors can view and add comments, photos, and stories. They cannot remove content, edit existing tree content, or automatically view living people.
  • Editors can automatically view living people, remove and edit existing content, and add people, records, comments, photos, and stories.

You will notice next to the role box there is a place where you can control if they see living people.

Notice you can control if they are allowed to see living people.
Notice you can control if they are allowed to see living people.
Notice that on the Editor role the See living people is automatically set to see.
You are able to invite several people at a time.

There you have it; nine easy steps to get your friends/family to view your public Ancestry family tree.

I hope this will help you through the process. If you have any questions please put them in the comments.

Thank You

Jose A Munoz, from Clarkston, Michigan, USA

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