Add everyone onto your tree – even distant relatives.

Many people plan their family tree so that only the immediate family members will be included in the branches of the tree. Some even go as far as to work with only one side of the family saying; “I’m really not interested in my mother’s side of the family since the family name will be carried by the men in the family. “

I’ve worked on many trees where this occurs and the people are looking for help to find records for a certain person on the tree. “I need help finding the 1930 record for George but I can’t seen to find him.”

Well, upon looking at the tree I discover that they are only following one branch of the family and thus missing all the possible records where “George” can be found.

In the above example: the tree is created for Henry Greenwaold, using the information in his obituary.

I include everyone and all branches on the trees I create so I included Henry’s wife Wilhelmina and even her siblings. I am glad I did because in the 1930’s, George the son of Henry and Millie is living with his uncle and aunt; the Charles Kolbey’s.

Below is what the record showed when asking me if I wanted to include it on the tree:

Notice that I highlighted the right side of the screen boxing in the suggestions the system is giving you for George. These records as only suggestions and with a name like George Greenwald some of those records may not be for him. Pay attention to the suggestions but be careful when you bring them in; double check the info.

You will note that when you “Save” to bring in this record for George Greenwald, only his information gets put on the tree.

This occurs because an uncle and aunt are not considered part of the family of the person; not like a father, mother or sibling would be. That is good in a way since we do not really know if they are real uncles and aunts for the person. Sometimes you only find out about the aunt and uncles if you include all the people on the tree and in one of those persons records it points back to the family connection.

You have to add Charles or Jennie to your tree; only one is needed when accepting the record for them because the spouse is automatically included when it comes into your tree.

The way you do that is bring up this page again after accepting George’s info and using your mouse highlight Charles or Jennie’s name.

When you click on her name her panel for this record will come up. Notice also the the right hand side now shows records that could be for Jennie.

Once you save the record for Jennie, the information for her husband Charles will also come into the tree.

So there you have it; a simple reminder to include everyone on your tree and an example of why you want to do that.

Plus a bonus; the suggested records may be something new to some people; I know I did not pay much attention to it for many years until one day something caught my eye in the right side and from then on I check it out all the time.

I hope this has given you new knowledge or just reminded you of some thing old that was always in the back of your mind. I try to give my readers, “How To” posts with examples and ideas on how to create a useful family tree.

Sometimes we need a reminder to help us or keep us on the straight and narrow. This was one of those posts.

Thank You.

Jose A Munoz, from Clarkston, Michigan, USA

Here is a blog post that has many more examples of why we add everyone to a tree:

3 thoughts on “Add everyone onto your tree – even distant relatives.

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  1. It would be nice if an article about Wesley Bunce would catch your attention and knock down my brick wall. It would have to include his supposed 1842 birth somewhere in Ohio to Eliza Morey, whom he names on marriages #2 and 3 in CA, and Reuben Bunce b1804 NY. RB married and had another son later in 1842 in IA and 3 other children before 1850. But thru DNA match of my son with RB’s GGGSon Ackerman my suspicions and research paid off. Tho he never named Wesley his son and I don’t have any proof with them together, or Wesley EVER-with any family in historical documents, for several reasons I call him my GGGF. WB married Eliza Justice White, a CW widow, and their middle daughter was my grandmother, Carrie Belle Bunce. There is no oral history about him. My mother did tell me he d in CA, and I’ve always suspected that she knew more, but said nothing else. I have his CW Pension file but no other personal information about him. People get interested but quit. How bout you?

    1. Thank you Marcia for stopping to read my blog post and for leaving such an intriguing comment. From what I understand this is what you would like: Do a research blog post on Bunce family, specifically the following:
      Wesley Bunce

      born: Abt. 1842
      in Ohio

      father: Reuben Bunce b. Abt. 1804 New York
      mother: Eliza Morey,

      Wesley Bunce
      marriage: #2 in California
      marriage: #3 in California

      Reuben Bunce
      married in Iowa
      had another son in 1842 in Iowa
      and 3 other children before 1850

      Reuben Bunce’s GGGSon is Ackerman

      Wesley Bunce – perhaps died in California – he got a Pension from CW
      married Eliza Justice White, a CW widow,

      and their middle daughter was my grandmother, Carrie Belle Bunce

      Okay, so I came across an article written by a Marcia Kohl and I was able to understand most of it but have a few questions.
      I wish I could ask the author what is CW? Also what is Ackerman; a first name, last name?
      I would ask her if she had a family tree somewhere and could I get a link to it.
      Of course all I have is the article with lots of holes and leaves me with many questions, but I will do as I do with all my found items.
      I will create a tree with the information I have and see what I can find about the lives of the Bunce family. Who knows maybe I will write a blog post about it.
      Boy, I sure wish I knew more about the author.
      Oh, well, maybe the blog gods will intervene and whisper in her ear; “contact Jose by e-mail”
      Of course again, the blog gods are very fickle and only work at their own pace.
      Enough with the hoping and wishing and get on with the doing.

      Is that good enough for you Marcia?
      Stay Safe.

      Thanks Again.
      Jose A Munoz, from Clarkston, Michigan, USA

  2. I created a tree for Wesley. I found another family tree that has your grandmother on it: “and their middle daughter was my grandmother, Carrie Belle Bunce. ” — I sent the tree owner a message asking her to help you. Laura Layton the tree owner lives in Washington state so maybe she will read my message tonight. This is a big find because Laura’s tree is well sourced and there are a lot of records to look at to help with our Wesley tree. Hope to hear from you via e-mail so I can put you on the tree so you will be able to view the records for yourself.
    Stay Safe.
    Jose A Munoz, from Clarkston, Michigan, USA

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