Bio at the art show – Christopher England

I went to an arts and craft show down at the park in Clarkston, Michigan and there I bought some old books and items from an estate sale. One of the items was this biography.


I cleaned it up


The bio is about Christopher England and deals mainly with his religious life. It did contain some biographical information that I used to create a tree for him.


Once the tree was created I found other records and family trees that gave me more information about the man.

Family Tree link:

Here is the tree I have come up with:


In the profile page of Christopher I put the following pages from the book and told the other family tree owners that they could take copies.







Each one of the pages I scanned had some bio information, dates, names, relocations… etc.

I was able to contact one of the owners on a private e-mail address because she had left a comment on one of the photo’s that is part of the family and I sent her the screen prints that I had made. She said “Cecilia England was my great-great-grandmother”.  Cecilia is the sister of Christopher. I also saw a tree owner who lived just a few miles from my house so perhaps I will be able to make contact with her and give her the book.

I did my job with the book so it should go to a relative.

Look for items at garage sales, flea markets or even art shows; items that have family information. You never know what that one item will mean to some long lost relative.

I hope this has given you some new ideas to work with.

Thank You.

Jose A. Munoz, M.Ed

from Clarkston, Michigan



Here is a photograph I found on Ancestry dot com and put on the tree: “fjhill_1 originally shared this on 25 Jun 2010”



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