Old Photos – Arleen S Scheiderer

I bought some old photos at an art show and I am now trying to find an owner.

Update 27 Sep 2016: I had created two trees when I first started going through the estate items; one for Arleen Scheiderer and the other for the Ferguson family. I have now been able to connect the two (2) trees and I put all the people on just one (1) tree (Arleen’s) and deleted the Ferguson tree. I’ve found several family trees that have some of the people but I have yet to find a direct descendant. If you, the reader, can access Ancestry dot com trees you can see the Arleen Tree: http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/104009617/family

One of the photos is of a baby and on the back of frame it has Arleen S Scheiderer .


I wonder if it is this person that is on Robert Johnson’s Ancestry.com family tree –

Arleen Alice Scheiderer

Birth 28 JAN 1925 • Toledo Lucas, Ohio

Death 6 MAY 2005

In the bag of photos there was another one identified and it was of “Walter and Floss Wilson and family”

The Robert Johnson family tree has the Scheiderer family coming down from a Wilson family and Arleen on the tree has a great uncle named Walter Wilson but also an aunt named Floss. Is this the same family?

I post these photos’ here in hopes that someone will recognize the family.

Update: Some of the other photos that I’ve posted on the Arleen Family Tree are these:

lucindia-fergusen-ma-of-wm-fergsen On back of this photo: Lucindia Ferguson mother of William…

1938-story-left-sideThis screen print of a handwritten page is from a 4H club pamphlet written by a 19 year old William Ferguson and on this 1938 page he writes “… my father died in April…”

1938-story-right-sideThis is a continuation of the 4H pamphlet.

Thank You

Jose A. Munoz, M.Ed

Clarkston, Michigan

Blog: https://newspaperproject2012.wordpress.com/

7 thoughts on “Old Photos – Arleen S Scheiderer

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  1. Hi Jose,
    Arleen is a 2nd cousin in my tree, I do no we had family in Clarkston Michigan that I never met.
    Bob Johnson

    1. Thank You Bob for stopping by and commenting. This is great news Bob maybe some of the other people mentioned in the items I bought are also your relatives. Maybe you are the one who is suppose to have these items. When I am finished playing with them we can figure out how to get them to the rightful owner.
      Take Care.

    1. Thank You Luanne. I found ten different trees but like all trees some are very distant family. Once I finish playing with the items I will have to figure out who will get the items and who will give me an excuse for a road trip… I hope the relative lives in Hawaii…

  2. I have a copy of 2 of these pictures, they were given to me after my Auntie Wilma Jean Ferguson passed away in January 2016. William J Ferguson is my father. They lived in Clarkston most of their adult lives with my grandmother on Flemmings Lake road.

    1. Thank You Angela for the new information. I will get with you in Jan and give you all the items I picked up at the art fair. This is so cool.

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