Finding Indiana people in Canada

  I was looking for a person in Tipton, Indiana and did a Google newspaper search for Tipton, Indiana. I got this newspaper hit. =============================== Lafayette, Nicollet County, Minnesota Lafayette Ledger - May 11, 1907 Saturday ===== The person I was looking for was not on this newspaper but these three other Tipton, Indiana... Continue Reading →

Schwartz Family History

I was helping my sister with her house moving work; carrying boxes to garage, emptying cabinets for movers to take... etc. and she showed me a Family Tree book she had stored in one of the many "safe" places one has around the house. I asked her if I could take the book home with... Continue Reading →

Wedding in 1899

Adrian, Michigan Arthur Cole married Daisy Buck Oct 1899. But the story is much more than just a simple wedding. Like they say: "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" (1) Thank You. Jose from Clarkston, Michigan =========== (1) "...The phrase was first published in Francis Davison's Poetical Rhapsody in 1602..." =============================== Newspaper information and... Continue Reading →

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