Helen Louise Blue Bowen – Process I

Process I:

Helen Louise Blue Bowen – FB query – Aug 2016 – Indiana

In my last posting I told you I would give you the step by step process I used to find the death date for Helen Louise Blue Bowen. Here is the short version of the process; all the steps are list but not the details. The detailed process (long) will be on my next posting called Process II.


  1. Saw a FaceBook (FB) query for death of Helen Louise (Blue) Bowen.
  2. Created a folder to hold the files, records and screen prints
  3. Copied down the FB information into a simple text file:names, dates and places.
  4. Created a family tree on Ancestry dot com with the query information.
  5. Records were suggested to me as hints; some I grabbed others I ignored.
  6. Grabbed the 1943 Fort Wayne, Indiana, City Directory which had Helen and husband Charles living at 1830 Clover Lane
  7. Grabbed the 1946 Fort Wayne, Indiana, City Directory which had Helen living at 1830 Clover Lane as widow of Charles.
  8. Grabbed the 1960 Fort Wayne, Indiana, City Directory which has a Judy Bowden, Ray F Singewald with wife (Helen L) all living at 1830 Clover Lane.
  9. Grabbed the Find A Grave page for Ray F Singewald which has Helen death date as 1997 but still no confirmation as to this Helen being Helen Blue.
  10. Grabbed the death certificate for Ray F Singewald and on the original document they list his address as 1830 Clover Lane, Fort Wayne, Indiana and his wife’s full maiden name as “Helen L. Blue”.
  11.  Query Answered – We have a death date for Helen Louise (Blue) Bowen Singewald, born 06Jul1912, died 09Aug1997
  12. Confirmed my information with her name, her address, and many records which list her parents, husband’s and children names, military records, children records and other family trees.
  13. Contacted FB query person and gave him the death date of Helen.


I hope this has helped you understand how I was able to find a death date using limited information

Thank You

Jose, M.Ed,  Clarkston, Michigan

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