Helen (Blue) Bowen death date is?

I saw the following Face Book (FB) posting and thought I would try to solve the question.

“Trying to find when a woman named Helen Bowen passed. Her husband Charles died in 1944 in the war and I’m not sure if she remarried or not. Her maiden name is Helen Louise Blue, born July 6, 1912 in Fort Wayne, Indiana to George Edward Blue and Beulah Pearl (Shively) Blue. Her sister Bonnie Belle (Blue) Shannon passed away in 2008 and her obituary said Helen predeceased her. I have tried searching and reverse searching to see if anything comes up, but all I can find is that she was living in Arkansas at one point but it never said what years she was there.”
“posted on August 21 at 8:46pm”

I was able to find the death date of Helen Bowen and I thought the process I used would be of interest to my blog readers.

Before you read about the process take a look at the query again and think of how you would solve the mystery.

The link to the FB page is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/genealogyone/?multi_permalinks=10153615190287282&notif_t=group_highlights&notif_id=1471922983197137

The process will be on my next posting.

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