Jack D. Pafford

It’s funny how one simple newspaper item can help so many family tree owners fill in the missing pieces on their tree. I was able to find six family trees for the following item but three of those have never even seen it, while three others have copied the Obit text and link on to their trees.  Shannon pointed out that she always figures those trees have not been active on Ancestry.com or have dropped their membership but their tree is still on-line. When I contact owners I always look at their activity and many of the owner have not logged on for many months so I suspect Shannon is right. I always send the text file and link out to all the trees I find (almost all) just in case they will log back on. I figure they are just waiting for my little item to reach their message box.  When a little newspaper item has lots of names, relationships and dates it really helps the family tree fill in the branches.

Anyway, Jack D. Pafford’s Obituary appeared in “The North Weld Herald” – Mar 3, 1994, of Eaton, Colorado and in it there are many names and relationships, which are a real help to the person trying to fill in Jack’s family tree.

Jack D. Pafford Obit 1994 Clip

I hate it when the Obituary is about the work life of the person and no mention is given to the person’s family. So and so was born in Kansas and at age 18 he moved to Colorado he was a… worked for such and such, was member of this and that… he leaves a widow and five children.

I mean there must be more to the person’s life than just his work. The newspapers have gotten better over the years and the obituaries have become more detail oriented and give plenty of information about the person’s life. A perfect example is the Jack D. Pafford’s Obituary.

As you can see the information provided in this not too long Obit can really fill in some holes in a family tree.

Thank You.

To View the Original item, [the item is to the left of this link]
Select The North Weld Herald in this box:

Eaton, Colorado
The North Weld Herald
Jan 10, 1914


Before I learned how to do a screen print this is the text file I sent out to the tree owner:

Jack D. Pafford
age 65
died in Cheyenne [Cheyenne, Laramie, Wyoming, USA]
25 Feb 1994

born 14 July 1928
in Firestone [Firestone, Weld, Colorado, USA]

father: James W Pafford
mother: Edna Mary (Ttreat) Pafford
wife: June Parker

married June Parker
in Laramie, Wyoming
6 Aug 1973

dau: Vicky Daeline Tyler of Cheyenne

Jack D. Jr. of Cheyenne
Michael Jack of Cheyenne

five sis
Edna Lant Robtoy of Evans
Laura Dorn,
Pearl Caldwell and Mary (Cussie) Crawford all of Greeley
Mable McGillicuddy of Eaton

five bros:
James W. Pafford of Hot Springs, AK
William Pafford
Harold Pafford
John (Dugan) Gibb all of Cheyenne
Ray Pafford of Hershey, NE

2 1/2 bro
William Bozarth of Port Orchid, NE
Thurman Bozarth of Lakewood
To the left of this link

Page 3 Col 2
The North Weld Herald – Mar 3, 1994
Eaton, Colorado

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Owner:  granny8mouse
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Owner:  JTreat9986 
Fulford Family Tree
Owner:  JLorantos
Kunkler/McDermott/Burke Family Tree
Owner:  jmkunkler

Pafford Family Tree
Owner:  tadpafford
samples Family Tree
Owner:  nemasamples

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