Party For Mrs. Swope

Party For Mrs. Swope Sometimes an innocent looking newspaper item will provide valuable clues for a family tree. I found the following item back in March of 2012 which seemed to have lots of names but no relevant dates. Relevant dates would be birth, marriage or death dates. Those are the dates which appear on... Continue Reading →

Jack D. Pafford

It's funny how one simple newspaper item can help so many family tree owners fill in the missing pieces on their tree. I was able to find six family trees for the following item but three of those have never even seen it, while three others have copied the Obit text and link on to their... Continue Reading →

Who Is He?

In the previous blogs we got the link to the Google News Archive list of old newspapers, an Enhanced News Archive List with Locations, a broken out version which lists only the newspapers published in the United States USA newspaper list and instructions on how to capture all the newspaper articles Downloading, Saving & Printing from Google... Continue Reading →

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