City Directory – Pennsylvania – McAleer

City Directory can show you where your family lived and what their occupation was, so learn how to use the City Directories.

Here is a short slide presentation looking for the McAleer family in Lancaster, Pennsylvania during the 1890’s,

I am using the Ancestry dot com collection of City Directories.

Here is what the YEAR drop down list will look like. I found the year 1903 and using that page, I captured an example for year.

Below are several years I looked at and I explain on each what to look for.

Notice that the McAleer name does not show up in the 1890 City Directory

In the 1892 City Directory a James McAleer shows up. He is a machinist and lives at 438 E Orange.

By 1896 there are many more McAleer’s but they may not be from the same family group because they all live in different addresses.

In 1897 there are only two (2) addresses showing for the McAleer name – 438 E Orange and 133 N Ann.

If we trace these two families we might find that they are related.

By 1898 we again have three different addresses.

In 1899 only four McAleer’s show up and they live in three different addresses.

A City Directory can also help you determine if a person is your target person as in this census where the address on the census is verified on the City Directory.

I hope this short “How To” tutorial will help you work with City Directories on Ancestry dot com.

Thank You

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan, USA

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