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As my readers know from past blog posts, I encourage genealogist to continue looking for newspaper items, even when nothing comes up in a search.

I have found many items about the particular family members in the local newspaper once I found the initial item but I never realized how many items I had accumulated for a single tree until a couple of days ago when I was working on a Ludington family tree.

I have a table that lists all the family trees I’ve created and it gives the name of the tree, a list of the surnames used on the tree and the state where the home person lived or died. Using that table as a guide I created a table that gave not only the name and state of the tree but included the city/town and county.

I then added the number of newspaper items contained in the media gallery for the tree and a link to the gallery.

The table I created was for Michigan trees only and further narrowed to Ludington, Mason county, Michigan trees only.

I sent a copy to my good friend Jean and she suggested adding the link to the tree because the embedded link was not working.

I refined my table per Jean’s suggestion and I now share it (pdf file) with you:

Gallery links 16 Mar 2018

Here is a sample of what you will see on the pdf file: Trees with state names 2

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post: “I never realized how many items I had accumulated for a tree until a couple of days ago when I was working on a Ludington family tree.”  

In the past I posted examples of trees that had many newspaper items that were found because I had found one initial news item, but those examples contained only seven (7) or eight (8) extra items, not 91 or 56 extra items.

The simple work of adding a city/town, county location turned into a mind opening project and a lesson I will use for other future trees. That is, record the number of newspaper item in the media gallery and capture the link to that page, so others can easily get to the news items and use on their trees. 

I hope this blog post will help you with your family tree research charts. It might trigger an idea on how you can record the work you are doing; e.g. A chart for each branch of the family with links and accounts of the information gathered for the branch.

Thank You

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

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