Brick Walls – a different look

The following post has little to do with genealogy or old newspapers but it has some lessons in it.

For my history/archaeology friends — a few months ago I saw a program about the huge stones in the Peru walls.

In the program a person made the argument that the stones were not stones when they were places there. He concluded that the stones were created in place by pouring sand or a mixture sand and other material into a cloth container and let harden.

That would explain the fact that one can not find an edge where the stones part; can’t put the edge of a paper in the crack. It also explains how they were able to fit odd shapes into place without having carved a stone to fit the shape. He gave a more technical talk than what I give here but it made sense in what he was saying.

Here are some photos of the wall and the tight connections.

worn down over time - wall in peru

worn down over time - wall in peru 1

worn down over time - wall in peru 2

Well, today I was watching a YouTube video of things worn down over time and in slide #16 they show a bunker with sand bags that have turned to stone after 40 years…

worn down over time

Bingo… could the old stones in Pure have been huge sand bags left over 100’s of years?

The people of the region are known for their textiles and weaving abilities, could they have woven huge bags to create the walls? A stone as huge as the ones shown in the photos can not easily be moved by men but men could transport many loads of sand to fill a cloth bag.

What do you think?

link to Youtube video:

The lessons in the post:

Don’t be afraid of coming up with off the wall ideas, even if others do not agree with you.

Also pay attention to what you read or watch and keep notes of things that interest you. Every once in a while two items will connect, like the two items above.

For my genealogy readers: Could the brick wall you have on your tree really be a sand bag wall?  Have you looked at all the different ways the wall could have been created? Just a thought.

Thank You

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

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      1. That is for sure! That is what I thought about my death certificates for grandmas search. A new way of looking at the info I had and voila! I saw that I didn’t have what I need!

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