1,363 Family Tree Names and surnames table – Update – Jan 04 2020

Update: 04 Jan 2020 PDF file of tree names – Mionsiog Family tree list 04 Jan 2020

Time to celebrate (written in 2017) because I have completed my MIONSIOG Family Tree project.

As my readers know, I look for stories in old newspapers and when I find an interesting one, I create a family tree using the information in the newspaper item.

I create the tree on Ancestry dot com and therefore I get hints if there are records or family trees that fit the criteria I entered on the tree. I send a message to the tree owners that come up as hints, telling them about the newspaper item and the family tree created to hold a screen print of the newspaper item.

I have created 1,042 family trees at this writing, (updated 04 Jan 2020 – 1,363 trees) using this method and have now completed a table which shows the names of the trees and the surnames found on these trees.

UPDATE: 16 August 2017

A new column has been added to the table to show the State or Provence or county where the family tree is located. The main subject of the tree comes from a particular location and that is the location used in the new column.

Below is a screen print to show what the new column looks like.

new col 16 Aug 2017

Here again is the PDF file of the Ms Word table of family trees with surnames and locations.

Mionsiog Family tree list 04 Jan 2020

Below are the OLD PDF file for reference:

Mionsiog Family tree list 04 Nov 2019

Mionsiog Family tree list 11 Sep 2017 states

Table of List of Names 25 Apr 2017 Sorted

In addition to this MS Word table I maintain an Excel table that contains the same information as on the Word table minus the location.

blog - excel chart showing tree name and names

On this Excel table one will find on column B the individual surnames found on the trees and on column C you will find the family tree (with the URL link).

By putting the MS Word data on this Excel file in this individual surname manner, I am able to do a sort on the full (1,363 trees) table and list all the common names together showing on what trees those names appear. In this way I can identify possible connections between family trees.

Having the two tables allows me keep track of trees and also allows me to identify any possible family connections.

The screen print below shows what to look for when looking for your family name(s) on the Excel table.

The first column shows a group number which is used to connect different tree by some common name or event (See text file of group numbers).

The second column shows the surnames found in the family trees [some are highlighted to access a blog posting].

The third and last column shows the name of the family trees [all are highlighted so that one can view the tree number or even get to the actual tree].

On the above screen print, some words and areas are circled or boxed to point out things to look for when using this PDF file.

Notice that the table is sorted by Surname so that the names will line up to show what family trees have these Surnames.

Some of the surnames like “Anderson” shown here, have links to a blog. The blog posting used the family tree or a person on the tree and therefore one can get to the blog, as well as the Family Tree.

Notice “Andrews” can be found on two (2) Family Trees:

“Dr. W H Andrews Obit Conn 1890”

and “WWII jungle marriage Macer to Andrews 1943 – Indiana”.

Also Angevie, Annibal and Anthony are on two (2) different Family Trees.

If you find a surname that is part of your family, on the MS Word PDF file, then you can see the family trees where the name is used and it might also have been used in a blog posting.

You can contact me through this blog and I will help you with your request.

I hope this blog post has given you new information and has sparked new ideas that you can use to keep track of the genealogy work that you are doing.

Thank You

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan, USA

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