1842 – Deaths in Washington DC newspaper

I posted the following on FaceBook:

For my genealogy friends with relatives in the North East USA – 1842 newspaper has many deaths in various places in the newspaper not just in an Obit section: – look down the link and to the right for the death items:
– Fatal Accident – James Ruddy
– Railroad Accident – John Merkell
– Deaths:
— Mrs. Elizabeth Aylett age 74
— James W Ratcliffe age 33
— Samuel Fell Raub age 20
== Jane Frances age 32 (eldest dau. of Wm Ward – consort of W.C. Orme)

on link page at far bottom left of page
— Taylor a young man died in accident from roof of church
— Mr Joseph Anthony – RI – died due to farm accident
— Mr. B.C. Harris suicide in Boston

Washington, DC

National Intelligencer – Nov 2, 1842


After reviewing the FaceBook posting I thought I would post it on this blog so that a larger audience can see it, because the tags of this blog get picked up in general search.

Last names found in above death items:

Ruddy, Merkell, Aylett, Ratcliffe, Fell, Raub, Ward, Orme, Taylor, Anthony, Harris

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