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For my genealogy friends — on a FaceBook closed genealogy group page, a member asked a question about “Ancestry dot com search results”. She complained that she is not getting what she needs when she does a search; she gets “too many far off” results.

Her question hit a HOT button because there are 60+ “likes” and many comments with lots of suggestions and links to web pages that might help her.

search anc dot com


Well, looking at the FaceBook page again today, I decided to see if I could find some other web page that would give some search advice and I found “The Ancestry Insider” a blogger who has many good tips about Ancestry dot com and Family Search.

Here is the bio about the web page:

“The Ancestry Insider”

The Ancestry Insider is consistently a top ten and readers’ choice award winner. He has been an insider at both the two big genealogy organizations, FamilySearch and He was Time Magazine Man of the Year in both 1966 and 2006. And he really is descended from an Indian princess.

Below I list the one blog post about Crista Cowan Search lecture and give the link to it and the links within the blog posting.
Aug 2016
Crista Cowan and Searching on Ancestry dot com – #BYUFHGC
The Ancestry Insider
May 2015
Searching for Ancestry dot com at #NGS2015GEN (Part 1)
The Ancestry Insider
May 2015
Searching for Ancestry dot com at #NGS2015GEN (Part 2)
The Ancestry Insider
Feb 2015
Search Ancestry Like a Pro (#RootsTech #RTATEAM)
The Ancestry Insider

Thank You.

I hope the above information will help you with your searches.

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