Ludington, Michigan newspaper dates

Watch the dates on newspaper items; some can be very tricky.

I was cleaning up some of my old files for my Family Tree List and I saw a news clip on a tree which was dated March 27, 1971.

The item said Harry T. Stolberg was surprised for his birthday.


The news clip was in the Media Gallery for a Harry T; but he had died in 1949.


So who was this Harry T in the news clip?

Was it a relative who was named Harry T after the older uncle or cousin?

I could not figure out who they were talking about.

I finally decided to find the small item in the newspaper, to see if it gave me any clues.

When I finally found the item, I noticed the very crucial information that I had left out of my first news clip; the actual date of the item.


Be sure to include the dates with your news clips and make sure you get the whole story. Remember that the newspapers might be publishing some old news for their readers.

I hope this post will alert you to some things to look for in newspapers and on family tree news clips.

Thank You

Update: I found another 1971 item with the same problem; actual news date not shown, so I corrected it. I also posted a new screen print into the gallery of the people in the Family tree.

Links to the two 1971 items:

Harry T. Stolberg has surprised Saturday
his birthday anniversary…

news from March 30, 1931
Ludington, Michigan
Ludington Daily News – Mar 27, 1971
2 of 10
far right column
See to the right of this link:
Dr. and Mrs. Carl A Stolberg …

news from Jun 7, 1951
Ludington, Michigan
Ludington Daily News – Jun 12, 1971
See above and to right of this link:

If you have access to Ancestry dot com then you can view the tree:

The old news clip was this:


The new news clip is this:


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