1855 – Sexton report – Ann Arbor, Michigan

I found an 1855 newspaper Sexton report that has the names and ages of people who died in 1854.  I created a screen print of the newspaper item and posted it on the Ancestry dot com Message Board.


Link to the newspaper item: Sexton Report

I then transcribed the report:

Soloman Mann 30 y 8 m 6 d
Joseph E. Garland 31 y
Franklin M. M. Fex 6 m
Fidelia Deet Williams 14 y
J. W. Sweney 33 y
Ludinda Davidson 3 y 2 m 6 d
H. M. Bates 28 y
George Hinsman 6 m
Konrad Glaty 17 y
Fraederick Schaeble 17 y 5 m
Arthur Clay 11 m 14 d
George Haywood Perly 16 m
Catherine Gaty 3 y
Christian M. Sadals 7 m
Mrs. J. C. Troupe 49 y 11 m 2 d
Abraham Cutler 65 y
Charles Fuller 47 y 7 m
John Still 18 m
Mrs. Maria A. Hiller 52 y
Gottliaban Schun 7 w
Gottleab Beach 49 y 4 m
Henry Beach 79 y
Mrs. Anna B. Wagkenhnt 33 y 3 m
Celia E. Stowe 23 y Elyria, Ohio
Elizabeth Catherine Wagkenhnt 2 y 5 d
Herman Frederick Houser 24 w 2 y
Luther James Parsons 15 m
George Miller 8 m 6 d
Jacop Hattinger 5 w
Alexander Charles Guiterman 1 m
George Gardiner 2 y 3 m
Charistian Conrad Lutz 6 m 18 d
Theodore Spelman Hubbard 5 y 1 m 13 d
Charles W. Gregory 10 y 2 d
Mrs. Elizabeth Duke 49 y
Eliza D. Brown 8 m 26 d
C. Besimer 6 m
Miss Gottlaby Weadiman 21 y
Eudora M. Caly 14 y
John Geo. Schmidt 31 y 6 m
Caroline Frances Vorheies 2 y
Genieve Mary Graham Lay 3 m 19 d
Mary Lathrop 16 y

Then I put it on an Excel file which allowed me to put items in columns which I used to sort the data. I sorted by Last Name and showed the name and death age which appears in the 1855 Sexton Report. (Years, Months, Weeks, Days). I then put the information on a MS Word Document.

MS Word Doc created from Excel file

The Excel file allowed me to create a bar chart to show the age distribution. I created the chart to see how many babies (younger than one year old) had died (16 out of 43). There are 43 people on the chart.


16 of these were babies.

12 were older than 30: — 5 in their 30’s — 4 in 40’s — 1 in 50’s — 1 in 60’s — 1 in 70’s

I created the MS Word document from the Excel file because I could format the table and highlight some areas of the data to make them stand out.

I then went back to the Message Board and edited the original by adding the transcribed text file and the new charts. I also put in all the last names that appear on the Sexton report. These last names will show up in web searches; thus allowing more people to review the 1855 report.   While on the Message Board I noticed that there was a comment made by thomasker2 on 15 Feb 2017 in which he tells us:

“FYI – MICH. did not issue birth/death certs. until 1867.”

So maybe this 1855 Sexton report will be the only record some people have of their relatives deaths.

I hope this post has given you some new information and insight into Ann Arbor history.

Thank You

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan


Link to news item: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=W49gAAAAIBAJ&sjid=4XINAAAAIBAJ&pg=6108%2C63772

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