Early blog post – 1000 – Family Trees – The MIONSIOG List – Update – 7

There is an update to this post: UPDATE 04 Jan 2020


Apr 2, 2017

UPDATE: The MIONSIOG family tree project is at the half way mark. I have completed editing the MS Word Table of trees. There are 1041 Family trees listed with their links and a list of the last names found on the tree. The new trees created since the last list update are marked as “New”.  Feel free to browse the PDF list (see below) and find the surnames that you might be researching.

Old File for reference only:

Mionsiog Family tree list 02 Apr 2017

Readers of my blog know that I create family trees using information off of old newspaper items. Since I create these trees on Ancestry.com, only Ancestry.com users get to learn about these obscure items and family trees.

Below is a PDF file of an updated list of the 1000 family trees I’ve created over the past years.

I am publishing the list so that all web users will have a chance to review the family tree list and perhaps find a relative’s name on it.

If you find a relative’s name on this list, please contact me and I will give you all the information I have, on that person.

Thank You.

Jose, M.Ed  — from Clarkston, Michigan


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