Google News Archive Correction

The Google News Archive web page has some errors in their newspaper data base and I am trying to correct the errors as I find them.

 In my Table of States table I’ve added a Petersburg, Virginia newspaper box and put in the link to that collection, which is listed as an Adrian, Michigan newspaper. Google has the title “The Daily Express” but the newspaper collections found within that web page are “The Daily Press” (from Adrian, MI), “The Daily Express” (from Petersburg, VA) then again “The Daily Press” (from Adrian, MI).

The Daily Express Mich - Virginia

The Daily Express Mich – Virginia

I updated my Table of States table to reflect the correct name for the collection:

Michigan – Adrian Michigan – Adrian
The Daily Express
1,393 issues
Aug 30, 1815 – Feb 3, 1877
The Daily Press
1,393 issues
Aug 30, 1815 – Feb 3, 1877

It would not be a problem if indeed the original newspaper editors had changed the name but that is not the case the Title of the whole collection should be The Daily Press but somewhere in the Google process the name was put in wrong.
I cannot change the Google list but I can change my Table of States table, which I have done. I have not changed the total number of issues listed in either box because I am not sure how Google counted the issues and I am not sure how many were for Michigan and how manay were for Virginia.

Michigan - Adrian

Michigan – Adrian

Virginia - Petersburg

Virginia – Petersburg

The updated table can be found in Table of States newspaper collection.

I hope this correction will help in your family tree creation searches.

Thank You