Helena Muffly and Friends

Wouldn’t you like to keep friends’ information in the same place as your family tree?

I’ve been reading the “Helena Muffly Swartz Diary Blog” and I thought wouldn’t it be nice to have all the friends names she talks about in her diary, listed on her family tree.

100 Years Ago Blog
100 Years Ago Blog

Then it occurred to me that I can do that in Ancestry.com.

I’ve often made a mistake and left a person dangling out in the middle of the file not connected to anyone on the tree. Somewhere along the line I had deleted the connection but had not deleted the person.

When I bring up the tree that one lone person does not show up, but when I bring up the list of people on the tree they are listed. On that list you can click on the person’s name and sure enough they show up on the screen but they are not connected to the main tree.


I can put all of Helena’s friends on her family tree file and they do not have to be connected to her tree. Helena and her friends will all be together in the same file. That way I don’t have to create separate trees and files for each of her friends.

I will add the friend’s family to the file and in the friends profile I will put a comment “Friend of Helena”.

So I did.

Helena and Friends 1
Helena and Friends 1

Oh, so you want to know how I did it.

There are several ways that it can be done and I will cover those ways in my next blog.

Thank You.

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