Jackie Gamboa Where are You?

Jackie Gamboa 1968
Jackie Gamboa 1968

Jackie Gamboa
When I am reading an old newspaper I look for stories which contain a picture of the person in the item because it might be the only picture available of that person. Many family trees are created by distant family members so many branches are created from names and dates which are out in the public records but there are no pictures available to these distant relatives.
I found such a story in “The Aberdeen Times” – Dec 5, 1968 which was published in Aberdeen, Idaho.
I thought that I would have no problem finding a family tree for Jackie Gamboa so I put together a short text file, a link and did a family tree search for Jackie on Ancestry.com. There were no trees for this particular Jackie. There were some hints with the same name but the dates just didn’t match. Even when I put in the other names mentioned in the item I was unable to find a tree for Jackie, so I created a fake tree for her. I was able to create a fake tree using all the names given in the item but there still were no hints for a family tree.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Pratt
Aberdeen, Idaho
foster daughter, Jackie Gamboa to Paul Begaye, Prescott, Arizona
Jackie grad of Aberdeen High School – Attending BYU majoring in speech and drama
Paul grad of Prescott High School – Attending BYU majoring in Art and Education
Date set for wedding – Wed to be Jan 10, 1969 at Aberdeen Second Ward Chapel
Aberdeen, Bingham, Idaho, USA
Link to her article in – The Aberdeen Times
Link to Full paper – The Aberdeen Times – Dec 5, 1968, Aberdeen, Idaho
Created Fake Tree: Jackie Gamboa Family Tree http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/40408535/person/19488361924

I feel sorry to think that there is no family tree for Jackie Gamboa but I also want to find out if the wedding took place. Since I was unable to find her tree even when I created the fake tree to draw out the existing trees which might have her on one of their branches (as explained in the previous blog), I am hoping that featuring her story here on this blog, will be seen by someone who recognizes Jackie.

The interesting thing about her picture and engagement announcement in that newspaper is that right next to that item there is a small item telling about a gathering at Jackie’s parents home. I thought that this additional information would provide more names for a tree but I still could not find a tree even with this additional information.

Finding stories in old newspapers and then finding a family tree for the people mentioned in the item is very satisfying, but finding a story which contains a picture and then not being able to find a home (family tree) for it, is very disappointing. I hope that some reader of this blog will recognize Jackie and better yet send me a message letting me know about her life.
Thank You

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