I was in Portland Oregon during the period of Aug 15, 2019 to Aug 19, 2019 and was able to visit the (GFO) Genealogical Forum of Oregon.

I was there to give them an update to my Family Tree collection for their files, since they will be around much longer than I will. (see the bottom of this blog post for information about the Family Tree collection )

For those who are familiar with my blog, you will remember that I was at the GFO in 2017.

While at the GFO, Nanci, loaded onto her working files, the data I brought and will put the files onto the GFO data base, at some time in the future.

While I was leaving the office, which is a huge space in the basement of an old magnificent building

GFO 2015

I stopped at the tables they have set up, just outside their doors, for genealogy material, (some for sale, and some “free”).

I reviewed a few of the “free” stuff and loaded up with six or seven free old magazine folders to take back home with me to Clarkston, Michigan.

In one of the old magazines, [Family Tree Magazine October 2001],

mag cvr

I found the following article, that I thought my blog readers would like to see.

(“Tribal Ties” an article by Nancy Hendrickson pg 35mag pg 36mag pg 37mag pg 38mag pg 39mag pg 40mag pg 41

mag pg 42Some of the links in this article may no longer be working, but may have just changed names and thus you have a clue for what to look for.

I hope you will be able to use the information in the article and will visit the GFO in Portland or on line.

Thank You

Jose A Munoz
from Clarkston and Covert, Michigan


Here is the link to the past blog post about the GFO

Genealogical Forum of Oregon

The files I gave to Nanci of the GFO, are 1,300 family trees, two tables that identify the tree files by name, place, dates and family names contained in the tree, and the chart of the Enhanced Newspaper collection. (I have not updated the blog post with the latest trees info or chart but you can learn about them with these links:



1,363 Family Tree Names and surnames table – Update – Jan 04 2020

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