Charlene Doris Dupper – Miss Spokane 1971


When you find an item in a newspaper that has a picture of the person, make sure to grab the whole item not just the picture or not just the story.

Charlene Doris Dupper - Miss Spokane - Dec 1971

Above we see that Charlene Doris Dupper has been named “Miss Spokane 1971”, and we see some biographical information about her and her family.

age: 21

born: 1950 in Spokane

father: Oscar E Dupper

address: W 446 Eighteenth

grad of Whitworth College BA and MA

toured Europe

Girls Federation president

We clip the item and put them on a Family Tree so others can get the information.


Tree Created on to hold newspaper item:

Charlene Doris Dupper  –  Miss Spokane 1971 – Family Tree

Link to the tree:

We clip her portrait off of the news item and put it on tree:

Charlene Doris Dupper 1971 photo

Because we have dates, places and names we are able to create a tree that gives us many hints.

We find her father in a City Directory which has her mother’s name.

1958 - City Dir Spokane Wash - Dupper family

We are able to find her in a high school year book which has more pictures of her.

1967 - Charlene Dupper - HS picture - Wash

After we have picked up many records, we look for family trees that have her on their branches.

We notify the tree owners about the newspaper item and about the tree we created. These family trees give us new information such as full death dates so we are able to use those dates to find obits; like Maggie Werner Dupper.

obit - Maggie Werner Dupper - Feb 1997 - SD

So you see we are able to create a well documented tree from a small item in the newspaper.

Charlene Doris Dupper Family Tree

We were also able to contact five (5) different trees.

Callahan/Senftner Tree – owner:  CallErick

McGrath family tree – owner:  Amcgrath0325

Petersen – Suessmuth in 2015 – owner: longtimer48

Silbaugh Family Tree – owner:  Jolene Silbaugh

Smiley_Hamm and Wenning_Weber v2 – owner:  lizsmiley

Link to newspaper item:

Spokane, Washington – Spokane Daily Chronicle – Dec 14, 1971 – Tuesday


Link to Obit:

“United States, Obituaries, American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, 1899-2012,”

Family Search :   —

I hope this post has given you some information and some hints about creating family trees.

Thank You

Jose A. Munoz, M.Ed


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