1935 – Foley wed Correll – where is Carl Zube?

I found a marriage item in a 1935 newspaper and sent out messages to owners of family trees who had these two people on their trees (see below for links).


Marriage - Foley 2 Correll 1935 Conn




I got a reply from Duff Zube to my message and he said


“…I wish I could find the names of Carl F Zube parents and where he came from in Germany.”


I looked at Duff’s family tree and found that he has created a very unique family tree.


Zube Family Tree by Duff


Duff does not know the name or information of the first USA “Zube” but it has not stopped him from creating a tree that can provide valuable clues to the Zube Family Tree Line.


Just because you don’t know the information about your long lost relative should not stop you from starting a family tree branch for the person.


The tree that you create today with your limited information will be a platform from which other people can comment and perhaps add new information about the particular family line.


Now getting back to Duff:


I sent him these two messages.


Msg 1:


… I looked at the four different trees to see the Zube’s on them and this is what I found:


Walsh Galvin Nadolny Lubiejewski

has Bertha Laura Zube 1853


Correll, Fleming, Foley, Cassidy on and on and on

has Charles (Carl) F and Regina (circa 1825)


(your tree)

Detroit-Illinois-Michigan-New York-Texas-Wisconsin Zube Family Tree

has all the Zube’s in the USA and shows the different branches.

Very interesting the way the owner has arranged the tree.





no Zube




Msg 2:



I was thinking about how to get to German records when I remembered I wrote a blog about the record files that Ancestry.com added in 2014. I went to my blog and did an Edit search for “Germ” and got 18 different hits… the hits are for Austrian records or records in German so you might want to look at the blog list: https://newspaperproject2012.wordpress.com/2014/12/16/ancestry-com-new-records-2014/…


(also) did a “Zube” (Google) search and got these (2) Message Board hit:







Let us return to the reasons why you should start your family tree branch even when you have limited information.


As you can see in the above messages I sent to Duff, one had two (2) links to the Message Board. When you go into those links you will see that one of them was started in Jun 1999 and contains replies dating up to Jan 2014. So over the course of fourteen years people have been looking for and adding info to the Zube Family Tree lines.


The small limited information tree branch that you start today will be on the web available for other to view which may prompt questions and answers about the family tree branch.


Another thing we see about the Message Board queries and answers is that we should not stop looking for that long lost relative. Just because you already did a search for him/her on the Message Board web site does not mean that there are not “NEW” clues on the site about the family. Everyday someone posts something new on line and it is waiting for you to connect to it. The Message Board in the above example (Duff) shows that people will post queries in various places on the Message Board so don’t limit your searches to specific areas; do a wide search.


You will also note the information that gets posted varies in what the person is trying to communicate.


Msg Board 1999 to 2015


I am putting this information on this blog in hopes that it will get picked up when people are doing a search for “Zube”.


I hope this posting has given you some new information and some new hope that you will accomplish your family tree goals.


Thank You


Jose from Clarkston, Michigan


Original marriage item in Newspaper – name and link:


The newspaper item text:


“The marriage of Miss Elsie Foley of Waterbury to Edwin Correll, son of Mrs. Emma Correll of West Cheshire, took place on Saturday in the rectory of St. Francis Xavier church of Waterbury.”



Meriden, Conn


Wallingford Edition – Mar 5, 1935




See down col 5 on this page:




Sent to Family Trees:


Walsh Galvin Nadolny Lubiejewski

Owner: enfleming



Correll, Fleming, Foley, Cassidy on and on and on

Owner: joancorrell



Detroit-Illinois-Michigan-New York-Texas-Wisconsin Zube Family Tree

Owner: Duff Zube




Owner: eileenhoganboulay



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