Civic Pride 1936

I was looking through some old newspapers articles and this one caught my eye. As I read this 1936 Wyoming article I was thinking how things haven’t changed much; we want to preserve our history. Then I read the list of things to remember… really? Civic Pride 1936 Page 8 Column 4 Article Title: Lest… Continue reading Civic Pride 1936

“Spirit of ’76” First a Cartoon

Many people have used this painting in their political messages, but do they know the story behind it? Here in a 1926, Sundance, Crook County, Wyoming newspaper is the story. This is just a partial screen print of the article; to read the whole article click on link below. To View the Original item, Select… Continue reading “Spirit of ’76” First a Cartoon

The History of the Brown Name

Thanks to the following link I was able to find out what “WNU Service” designated. The Stripper’s Guide blog blog discusses the history of the American newspaper comic strip. Obscurity of the Day: Mickie, The Printer’s Devil” …He took the concept to the editor of Western Newspaper Union, a syndicate that supplied material mostly to… Continue reading The History of the Brown Name