Search Engines

I saw this web title “Michigan Cemetery Transcriptions” and I wanted to review it, so I put it in a Yahoo search and got a lot of hits. Since there were so many Michigan web pages on the list of hits, I posted the results on my FB page for my genealogy friends. I then wondered… Continue reading Search Engines

How To Transcribe a news item

Many people will clip an obit from a newspaper and will put it on the tree or post it on a web page but they do not know how to transcribe the information into a useable format. I’ve struggled with this over the many years of working with newspaper items but I now have an… Continue reading How To Transcribe a news item

Transcript and Original Image – Joseph Banks 1917

When looking at transcripts of documents always view the original image to make sure it matches the transcript because both transcript and original will be put on to your family tree. Here is an example of what I am writing about ( The transcript information is on left. The original document can be accessed on… Continue reading Transcript and Original Image – Joseph Banks 1917