1930 questions for Salter family

I was playing around with the 1930 census for Noralee and I created more questions. In 1930 Noralee, age 4, lives with her mother (Theresa) and they live at the home of Theresa’s parents, along with Theresa’s sister (Lucille) and her husband (Russell Frost). I checked the date that the 1930 census was taken to… Continue reading 1930 questions for Salter family

Home Person on Ancestry dot com Family Tree

I am working on a tree for a dear friend and we changed editors on the tree, so I wanted to tell her that since she was the new editor I had also made her the new home person. I thought the steps I outlined for Lois would benefit my blog readers, so I made… Continue reading Home Person on Ancestry dot com Family Tree

Linda Schrock – 1961 – first date

My first ever real date was when I was in 8th grade back in 1961. I asked Linda Schrock to go to the movies with me… not some regular film at the Redford Theater but a big screen showing at the Fox Theater in downtown Detroit. The movie was “West Side Story”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Side_Story_(film) My father… Continue reading Linda Schrock – 1961 – first date