Help – Update 21 Jan 2015

UPDATE: 21 Jan 2015 – I received this message from Jennifer, “here is a link to the diary. I confirmed with my great aunt, it is her fathers.”     Yesterday, 28 Dec 2014 I got the following e-mail from my cousin in California. “Help Need to find family of Martin Rosenberg 338 Georgia… Continue reading Help – Update 21 Jan 2015

Pets on a family tree?

Revised August 7, 2013 Wouldn’t you like to keep friends’ or pets’ information in the same place as your family tree? I told you in my last blog that I would give you instructions on how to add people to a family tree without having them be connected to the tree. I will be doing… Continue reading Pets on a family tree?

Helena Muffly and Friends

Wouldn’t you like to keep friends’ information in the same place as your family tree? I’ve been reading the “Helena Muffly Swartz Diary Blog” and I thought wouldn’t it be nice to have all the friends names she talks about in her diary, listed on her family tree. Then it occurred to me that I… Continue reading Helena Muffly and Friends

Check All Family Tree Hints

When creating your family tree, make sure you check all the family tree hints given on everyone of the people on your tree. You might be surprised to find a family tree coming off of a distant relative which does not show up anywhere else. In my tree creations I always try to capture all… Continue reading Check All Family Tree Hints