1860 news in Boston newspaper

Interesting news from 1860 – Little girl in Iowa is swept up into a cherry tree by a gust of wind. – Cock fight by Sec of War and VP of USA.   ========================================== Boston Evening Transcript – Jun 6, 1860 Link to page in newspaper: ————————– http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=rik0AAAAIBAJ&sjid=KeEIAAAAIBAJ&pg=1207%2C3472966

Travel Now and in 1901

I have been reading blogs about people’s travels and thinking about the difference between what we call traveling and what our ancestors called traveling. In today’s blogs we have: The Too Mutch For Words blog is about her travels all over the world to help people. The 3rdchulturechildren blog is about their travels with the… Continue reading Travel Now and in 1901

Passport Applications

I found an obituary in the 1901 Dubuque Daily Telegraph , a  Dubuque, Iowa newspaper and in trying to find a family tree for John Marxer, I came across a passport application. I put together two (2) screen prints to capture the obituary and put both on the family tree. I was not sure which… Continue reading Passport Applications

Who Murdered Irene? – Irene VanBrocklin Story

When you are building your family tree and find an item in a newspaper, look around for other items about the same person. That is what I wrote in my last blog but I should have written “other items about the same person or subject matter” because today I ran into just this situation. In… Continue reading Who Murdered Irene? – Irene VanBrocklin Story