Spirits in Rhode Island

Sometimes when I am looking for the dead I find spirits.       I will let you decide which item to read.   Thank You. Jose from Clarkston, Michigan   Link to newspaper: See to the right of this link: http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=GhFXAAAAIBAJ&sjid=bkMNAAAAIBAJ&pg=5601%2C607928

William R. Mack Killed – 1913

“…having found two trees I was satisfied with my work and I thought I was done with this particular newspaper item, but I was wrong.” In March of 2013 I was reading an old 1913 newspaper “The Cayuga Chief” published in Weedsport, New York and saw the following item: ”William R. Mack Killed, Struck by… Continue reading William R. Mack Killed – 1913

Civic Pride 1936

I was looking through some old newspapers articles and this one caught my eye. As I read this 1936 Wyoming article I was thinking how things haven’t changed much; we want to preserve our history. Then I read the list of things to remember… really? Civic Pride 1936 Page 8 Column 4 Article Title: Lest… Continue reading Civic Pride 1936

Belinda Easlick of Elsie, Michigan – 1972

I thought that a 1972 wedding announcement with a lot of information would yield a real family tree for the bride or groom, but I have not been able to find a home for the newspaper item that I found. In the The Argus-Press published in Owosso, Michigan , Saturday, July 1, 1972 I found… Continue reading Belinda Easlick of Elsie, Michigan – 1972

A picture can be your confirmation

Back in 2012 I found an obituary in an Arkansas newspaper which contained a lithograph portrait of William L Walker. I did not know how to capture a screen print back then so I did not include that lithograph portrait on the tree that I created for him. Using the little information I had, I… Continue reading A picture can be your confirmation


While helping Luanne; writer of The Family Kalamazoo (A genealogical site devoted to the history of the DeKorn and Zuidweg families of Kalamazoo); to find newspaper items about the Spanish American War; I came across an interesting item in the 1898 “Wolverine Citizen” a Flint newspaper. The item titled “NUMBERED AMONG THE DEAD”, Lieut. Ablino… Continue reading NUMBERED AMONG THE DEAD

Blockading 1909

Well, here is something I never heard of. From “The Dispatch – Wednesday Nov 24, 1909, Lexington, N. C.” “Jim Sprat, a white farmer living on the Catawba river in Mecklenburg county, was arrested last week on a charge of blockading, because he had in his house a complete blockading outfit, still, worm, cap, etc.… Continue reading Blockading 1909

“Spirit of ’76” First a Cartoon

Many people have used this painting in their political messages, but do they know the story behind it? Here in a 1926, Sundance, Crook County, Wyoming newspaper is the story. This is just a partial screen print of the article; to read the whole article click on link below. To View the Original item, Select… Continue reading “Spirit of ’76” First a Cartoon

WWII hits home!

Every once in a while I read another person’s blog and because of my newspaper project I can add to the story by providing the actual newspaper account. This is one of those times. On Feb 21, 2013 gpcox posted an entry called “ Pacific Theater continues ” in which he gives us some interesting… Continue reading WWII hits home!

Tennessee or New Jersey in Newspaper Table?

Today Feb. 16 2013, I received a message from a Mark Aubrey: “Thanks for the work. A correction for you, though. The Sunday Chronicle of Knoxville, Tennessee is actually from Paterson, New Jersey.” I of course knew what he was talking about as I had run into the same problem with other newspapers. I didn’t… Continue reading Tennessee or New Jersey in Newspaper Table?

Owosso, Michigan – The Argus Press

The Google News Archive list has some wrong newspaper dates. Take for instance the The Argus-Press published in Owosso, Michigan. The November 13, 1911 newspaper is a November 11, 1972 newspaper which is featuring the front page of the 1911 newspaper. The next newspaper they list is dated November 13, 1951 but the real date… Continue reading Owosso, Michigan – The Argus Press

Google News Archive Correction

The Google News Archive web page has some errors in their newspaper data base and I am trying to correct the errors as I find them.  In my Table of States table I’ve added a Petersburg, Virginia newspaper box and put in the link to that collection, which is listed as an Adrian, Michigan newspaper.… Continue reading Google News Archive Correction