1886 Review of the Years News

Another important section in the old newspapers, also used to draw in customers, was the section which reviewed the passing year. Again as a good example of this type of reporting we will look at the ”Weekly Chronicle a newspaper of Bluffton, Indiana which was published on January 6, 1887” . I have seen other… Continue reading 1886 Review of the Years News

Pay Attention to Location

Don’t you just hate it when you put all kinds of energy into finding a person in one location only to find out that you were looking in the wrong place? I took a break from my “TO DO” list and picked up an 1883 Knoxville, Tennessee newspaper; just wanted to relax. I didn’t expect… Continue reading Pay Attention to Location

Charlotte Calais – How To Arrange a Screen Print

Now that we know how to capturing the screen (do a screen print), we will discuss how to rework the newspaper words and pictures. A perfect example for this discussion is the following item from the “Indian Valley Record – Jan 3, 1935 of Greenville, Plumas County, California with the title of ”Queen of the… Continue reading Charlotte Calais – How To Arrange a Screen Print

Who Murdered Irene? – Irene VanBrocklin Story

When you are building your family tree and find an item in a newspaper, look around for other items about the same person. That is what I wrote in my last blog but I should have written “other items about the same person or subject matter” because today I ran into just this situation. In… Continue reading Who Murdered Irene? – Irene VanBrocklin Story

Rev. Isaac Whicher

Here is another example of newspaper items that can be helpful to finding information for your family tree. If you have a minister or reverend somewhere on your tree that person will be named in many newspaper articles; especially in the old newspapers. The editors of the newspapers wanted to sell their newspaper, despite what… Continue reading Rev. Isaac Whicher

Debby Hutton – Girl of Month

Today, Jan 2, 2013 I got a message through Ancestry.com from Donna an owner of a family tree thanking me for the information. I didn’t remember what she was referring since I send out so many messages but I did have the message date Sept 2012 and my original message which contained the newspaper link.… Continue reading Debby Hutton – Girl of Month

1959 Yellowstone earthquake

I was hoping to find family trees for all the people mentioned in this item, but I was only able to find a couple and they never replied so I don’t know if they ever got the message .  I hope that this blog posting will get to all the other family members who lost… Continue reading 1959 Yellowstone earthquake

Party For Mrs. Swope

Party For Mrs. Swope Sometimes an innocent looking newspaper item will provide valuable clues for a family tree. I found the following item back in March of 2012 which seemed to have lots of names but no relevant dates. Relevant dates would be birth, marriage or death dates. Those are the dates which appear on… Continue reading Party For Mrs. Swope