Rev. Isaac Whicher

Here is another example of newspaper items that can be helpful to finding information for your family tree. If you have a minister or reverend somewhere on your tree that person will be named in many newspaper articles; especially in the old newspapers. The editors of the newspapers wanted to sell their newspaper, despite what... Continue Reading →

First Born

Caption Reads: He's a Year Old Now... BOONE COUNTY'S first baby of 1969 is quite the young man now. Bryan Keith Olson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Olson, now of Greeley, Colo., Weighed 8 lbs., 14 oz. when born and is now as husky as can be. Mrs. Olson is the former Janice Tilley... Continue Reading →

Party For Mrs. Swope

Party For Mrs. Swope Sometimes an innocent looking newspaper item will provide valuable clues for a family tree. I found the following item back in March of 2012 which seemed to have lots of names but no relevant dates. Relevant dates would be birth, marriage or death dates. Those are the dates which appear on... Continue Reading →

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