Process II

Helen Louise Blue Bowen - FB query - Aug 2016 - Indiana In my last posting “Process I” I told you I would give you the full detailed step by step process I used to find the death date for Helen Louise Blue Bowen. What follows is a complete step by step process with details... Continue Reading →

Genealogy Lessons on You Tube 2.0

There are many genealogy lessons on You Tube. Below are some of those lessons. ============================= Crista Cowan ------------ You Tube lessons ============================================== Some Genealogy Records Have No Names =============================================== What Do I Enter Into My Family Tree? Resolving Conflicting Evidence =============================================== Back to the Basics: Genealogy 101 ============================================ Common Mistakes in Genealogy ============================================ Common... Continue Reading →

Middle Names

When you are building your family tree, look at people’s middle names for clues. I am working on a tree that has a son by the name Arthur Rial Childs 1852-1935. I started the tree with one small 1875 obituary which had the woman’s name Mrs. Elathere Niles age 96.   I found that name... Continue Reading →

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