Oregon List from 1850

Some times a good web page is available but only if you know about it. I came across this web site in a FaceBook closed group page and thought others would like to know about it. Emigrants to Oregon in 1850 compiled by Stephenie Flora oregonpioneers.com copyright � 2004 http://www.oregonpioneers.com/1850.htm?fbclid=IwAR1FsgS4rp2qB0YaIx_BqIDgEgIoJvP5J1dZQFhhB0boLRHzMcftqjruj24 I hope this list will… Continue reading Oregon List from 1850

Names in history – Minneapolis City Directory

When you are reading the history of a place, always be on the lookout for names of people and jot them down with a date and place if possible. Here in an 1881 City Directory there is a section that has the history of the area and it contains some names. (Link to the 1881… Continue reading Names in history – Minneapolis City Directory

Family History – Hurd 1987

If you have relatives on your family tree who are willing to share family history, ask them to write it down as a letter to you instead of just telling you the history. The results of such a written history can be very entertaining as well as informative. I saw this letter on a family… Continue reading Family History – Hurd 1987