Group Pages on FaceBook

Here is what the FaceBook Genealogy group pages can do for YOU. Besides posts of old photos and posts of people asking for help with a brick wall, a FaceBook group page can provide the many additional sets of eyes, to help answer your questions. In the example below you will see 16+ people replied… Continue reading Group Pages on FaceBook

The Appointment in Samarra

I heard the following story many years ago; my father read it to us. I have recalled it many times when reading news about some tragic death. Maybe this story was a way the ancient civilizations had of explaining unusual untimely deaths; a way of explaining predestination.   “The Appointment in Samarra” (as retold by… Continue reading The Appointment in Samarra

Ida Viola Hugerford – victim

In my last two postings; (Tangled up in the branches and Paul J. Hungerford, father or son?), I talked about the Hungerford family tree. Here is the initial newspaper story that caught my eye and prompted me to create a family tree for Ida Viola Hungerford.   [Fredericksburg, Virginia newspaper]   I then found another… Continue reading Ida Viola Hugerford – victim

Edward K Hosford death 1893

Why is an Indiana death reported in a Maine newspaper? It is hard to say why some items get picked up by newspapers while others don’t. In this case it was probably a good filler; a small item with a twist. The fact that Edward was not nominated for the post brought on an illness… Continue reading Edward K Hosford death 1893