Newspapers and their dates – Alabama

While working with the Google News Archive collection you will have to be careful to pay attention to the date that appears on the scan title and the date that appears on actual newspaper. The following case will show you what to look for. I was doing some genealogy research and came across a Newspaper… Continue reading Newspapers and their dates – Alabama

The Blind Slave Girl

This morning, Friday, February 17, 2017 as I lay in bed waiting for the sun rays to shine through the window and announce a new day, my thoughts turned to the blind girl of 1873. I had read an item in an 1873 newspaper about a blind girl and wondered what people of her day… Continue reading The Blind Slave Girl

Coosa River Project

William Patrick Lay & Alabama Power Company A story that I find in an old newspaper will often lead to another more interesting story. That is the case with the William Patrick Lay item that I found in a 1968 Gadsden, Alabama newspaper. I found this item when I was looking at the Gadsden Times… Continue reading Coosa River Project

To Drink or Not to Drink

Prohibition in the United States 1920 to 1933 Although the Eighteenth Amendment to the US Constitution and the Volstead Act were enacted in 1920 there was a vigorous campaign for prohibition many years before 1920. I came across a 1913 newspaper from Alabama which might give you a little bit more insight into why the… Continue reading To Drink or Not to Drink