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4th of July 2017 — a wonderful story to share

My good friend Pam Jackson posted this TV ad on FaceBook. Budweiser Stuns Nation… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huQrvmrJbXk my comment on FB: Wonderful message in this five (5) tissue commercial. A must watch this 4th of… Continue reading

Why did they have City Directories?

At a talk I was giving, on the use of City Directories in genealogy, I was asked the following question. “Why did they have City Directories and who published them?” My response was… Continue reading

Headlines can distort the story!

Mug Shots of Spies? Look closer. How would you like to be the guy running for the school board? I wrote about Advertisement placement and I guess that also applies to headlines. Thank… Continue reading

Placement in Advertising

Placement of the Ad is just as important as the words and picture of the Ad. You would think that the editors of the 1882 Grand Rapids, Michigan City Directory would have caught… Continue reading