Get your tin foil hats on and call Mulder and Scully. I’ve heard about the WWII airmen reports of foo-fighters and thought that everyone knew about them but I guess I run in… Continue reading

Miss Maria S. Shultz has a new tool which allows you to copy the information from someone else’s tree to your tree. This new tool is easy to use; a click here, a click there, and… Continue reading

Party For Mrs. Swope

Party For Mrs. Swope Sometimes an innocent looking newspaper item will provide valuable clues for a family tree. I found the following item back in March of 2012 which seemed to have lots… Continue reading

Jack D. Pafford

It’s funny how one simple newspaper item can help so many family tree owners fill in the missing pieces on their tree. I was able to find six family trees for the following item… Continue reading

Newspaper Dates | Names in newspapers

When working with old newspapers in Google News Archive list, Enhanced Archive Newspaper List with Locations, or the Table of States you must pay attention to the dates that appear on the title of… Continue reading

Liddel Spencer Davis

Some of the stories in the newspaper are not items dealing with people in the community, but are items that the newspaper has obtained from other sources such as AP.  The following story… Continue reading

Congressman Edward Everett Robbins

I once wrote a book in which I tried to impress on the reader that it was important to write down one’s life story because in this world the only ones who get… Continue reading

Easy Anna

Easy Anna The title is suggestive just to catch your attention it does not mean what you think. What “Easy Anna” means is that it was easy to find a family tree for… Continue reading

Anna Linn on a Family Tree

Anna Linn This blog will show that it is possible to find a family tree with little information. Here is the item I saw in a 1917 newspaper. This is the link to… Continue reading

Jackie Gamboa Where are You?

Jackie Gamboa When I am reading an old newspaper I look for stories which contain a picture of the person in the item because it might be the only picture available of that… Continue reading

Cassie M. Johnson 1974

Well here is the first of my “old” stories. In my files I had fifty-three (53) items for which I have not been able to find a family tree, where I could send… Continue reading

Who Is He?

In the previous blogs we got the link to the Google News Archive list of old newspapers, an Enhanced News Archive List with Locations, a broken out version which lists only the newspapers published… Continue reading

Clip It ! – How to do a screen print

In the last three blogs we got the link to the Google News Archive list of old newspapers, an Enhanced News Archive List with Locations which shows where those newspapers were published and… Continue reading

USA Only – Enhanced Newspaper Archive Feb 2013

Update: 21 Aug 2013 The Google News Archive list is very useful but needed to be enhanced by adding the name of country or state where the newspaper was published. I completed that… Continue reading

Enhanced Newspaper Archive List

If you have ever worked with Google News Archive list then you know that it only contains the names of newspapers, not where they were published. I’ve enhanced that chart by adding the… Continue reading