Who is Ruth Best

I have written several blog post on the topic of “relatives living with family members who have different last names.” I have also written about the importance of gathering the records of all the branches, so that you will not miss important clues about the family history and so you will be able to identify… Continue reading Who is Ruth Best

Why does a source box come in but does not link to a Fact?

Have you ever wondered why some records on Ancestry dot com, come into a profile page but do not point to any fact when you click on them? When most Source boxes or Facts boxes are selected they have a line or lines that point to a corresponding Facts or Source box. We see that… Continue reading Why does a source box come in but does not link to a Fact?

How to fix marriage certificate input

Have you noticed that sometimes when you bring in a marriage certificate on to the Ancestry dot com profile page, not all the information gets put onto the page? The problem occurs when you bring in the marriage cert from the parents name. When you view the marriage cert from the child’s view we see… Continue reading How to fix marriage certificate input

Genealogy – Re-Blog – Hunt

The blog page “The Ancestor Hunt” has a good list of new Ancestry dot com additions to their collection. These are the categories they added in Dec of 2016. http://www.theancestorhunt.com/blog/ancestry-new-and-updated-collections-december-1-31-2016#.WG_7xLngp9k I thought my readers would like to know about it, if they hadn’t seen it already. Thank You.

Capture Ancestry dot com records

I was at a 50th high school reunion luncheon and an old classmate asked me for help with her tree. I created a tree for Toni with the information she gave me and thought I was done, but no. She asked me to send her print out of all the records that were on the… Continue reading Capture Ancestry dot com records