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What’s in a name?

Throughout my blogging here on “Enhanced News Archive”, I’ve tried to stay out of politics but this is just too good to pass up. I was helping my good friend Christine with her… Continue reading

The Secret Life of Plants – 1905

Back in the 1970’s our little community of organic gardeners; in Lansing, Michigan, was all a buzz about the new book called “The Secret Life of Plants”. [The following picture comes from Wikipedia… Continue reading

An Indigestible Egg

An Indigestible Egg April 13, 1878 A correspondent writing from Odin, Ill., sends us the following incident:… Flint, Michigan April 13, 1878 Saturday The Sunday Democrat – Apr 13, 1878 Column to left… Continue reading

Baa Ram Ewe – 1924

Babe had the right idea; he was just in the wrong country and wrong era, according to this July 4, 1924 article from the St. Joseph News Press of St. Joseph, Missouri. Pigs… Continue reading