What’s in a name?

Throughout my blogging here on “Enhanced News Archive”, I’ve tried to stay out of politics but this is just too good to pass up. I was helping my good friend Christine with her Greenwalt Family Tree and was looking for newspaper articles, when I found a reference to the O. U. A. M. in a… Continue reading What’s in a name?

The Secret Life of Plants – 1905

Back in the 1970’s our little community of organic gardeners; in Lansing, Michigan, was all a buzz about the new book called “The Secret Life of Plants”. [The following picture comes from Wikipedia web page referenced in this posting] We talked about the findings of the book and even did our own little experiments to… Continue reading The Secret Life of Plants – 1905

An Indigestible Egg

An Indigestible Egg April 13, 1878 A correspondent writing from Odin, Ill., sends us the following incident:… Flint, Michigan April 13, 1878 Saturday The Sunday Democrat – Apr 13, 1878 Column to left of this link

Baa Ram Ewe – 1924

Babe had the right idea; he was just in the wrong country and wrong era, according to this July 4, 1924 article from the St. Joseph News Press of St. Joseph, Missouri. Pigs That Guard Sheep Aid to the Men in Villages in Apennines Who Act as Shepherds to the Community “London Answers: One seldom… Continue reading Baa Ram Ewe – 1924