Political – a bit of history

Gangster History – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Costello

Who was Frank Costello?

I was looking at an April 1950 Ludington, Mason, Michigan newspaper and I came across the syndicated column of right wing Westbrook Pegler (look him up), so I wanted to see if what Westbrook Pegler was saying panned out. It did not.

Westbrook Pegler was saying back in April of 1950 that there was no such thing as the syndicate; that it was a made up thing by the left (sound familiar).

Well, I don’t know if WP ever got to see the gangster trials, where the syndicate was finally brought to it’s knees. Nor do I know if he ever took back his words when he learned that indeed there was a syndicate that ran the underworld and it was the Robert Kennedy types who brought it down.

Now, lets get into the mud; and it was the reason the JFK was killed in Dallas; a pay back by the mob.

Okay, maybe that last statement is not true but if Westbrook Pegler can write fiction, so can I.

The newspaper: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=1IJOAAAAIBAJ…

Westbrook Pegler:


Westbrook Pegler - Wikipedia


Westbrook Pegler – Wikipedia

Westbrook Pegler – Wikipedia

John Birch Society:


John Birch Society - Wikipedia


John Birch Society – Wikipedia

John Birch Society – Wikipedia

How I learned about Westbrook Pegler –

I heard the song “John Birch Society” sung by Bud and Travis and in it they mention Westbrook Pegler. Over the years I saw many other newspaper columns by him and sure enough what they said about him in the song was really true. Anyway, I also heard many renditions of the song by other artist, so I don’t know who sang it first; I just know where I heard it first.

I was unable to find the Bud and Travis version of the song but the following on is just as good.  

john birch society song youtube – Bing video

john birch society song youtube – Bing video

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