How to write up a usable text file off of a news item.

How to write up the text to help you fill out the family tree.

It is vital that you have a consistent method of creating screen prints and a consistent method of documenting what you find for your family tree.

Remember you are doing this not only for your use but for the use of all the people who will follow in your genealogy footsteps.

Leave them something that they can use for their ancestorial search and capture.

Joseph Norbert Gillian news items I came across and posted on FaceBook in April of 2023.

I looked at both the funeral item (see below) which I found first and then at the obit (see below) which I searched for and found after the funeral item. I combined the information from both into a text file that I will use to fill in the information needed for a tree.

You should try to follow a similar structure to be consistent with your documentation and to help you in providing information off of a news item or record that you can then put onto the tree. –

Below is the text file I created and will put into a folder for Joseph Norbert Gillian which will contain all items created or found.

Joseph Norbert Gillian
age 84
address: Branch Route 1, in Carr Settlement

born: 01 Apr 1866
in Senica county, Ohio

died: 11 Apr 1950 – Tuesday
at Paulina Stearms hospital
due to accidentally shooting himself while cleaning a gun

wife: Marie Cook
married: 14 Feb 1895 –
at Detroit – were married 55 years

came to Michigan at age 20
came to Carr Settlement and cleared the land
and built his present home

50 year resident of the community

He drilled wells, did carpenter work and farming
was also connected with Carrs Telephone Co.

member of Democratic party
and Custer Odd Fellow lodge

served in several township offices


two (2) sons:
Harry Gillian – Hazelton, Penn
Joseph Gillian – Nogales, Arizona

several gchildren
number of ggchildren

at Saturday funeral service were:
Harry Gillian – Hazelton, Penn
Mrs Joseph B Gillian – Battle Creek, Michigan
Mrs Dorothy Jean Hall and gdaughter – Muskegon Heights, Michigan
Mrs Thomas C Harter (grand daughter)- Battle creek, Michigan
Mrs Grant Guster (grand daughter)- Battle creek, Michigan
Willard E Wagner (nephew) – Flat Rock, Michigan
John C Wagner (nephew) – Garruth, Indiana

funeral held Saturday 15 Apr
at family home

burial: Brookside Cemetery – Scottville

Be sure to include the name and date of the newspaper and a link to the item or if there is no item link then a link to the page, so that readers of the text file will be able to get to the original scan of the newspaper.

Ludington Daily News – Apr 17, 1950 – Monday

Funeral Item in newspaper

Ludington Daily News – Apr 13, 1950 – Thursday

Obituary in newspaper


Funeral Item in newspaper before making it into a 2 column screen shot.
Funeral Item in newspaper in a 2 column screen shot for easier viewing.
Obituary in newspaper
Obituary in newspaper made into a 2 column screen shot for easier viewing.

I hope this short lesson has helped you or has given you a new idea to work with.

Feel free to comment on what tools you use when working with newspaper items for your family trees.

Thank You

Jose A Munoz from Clarkston, Michigan, USA

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