News Item Scans – Find an alternative

Genealogy – Scanned newspaper items –

If you find a news item for your ancestor but it is a blurry copy in the particular newspaper collection, see if you can find a better quality one in some other collection.

For example; I was given a hint for the Obit in the Ancestry Newspaper collection and I took it. It was for my person but it was really hard to read because it was so blurry. I went ahead and took it and even typed up a full transcript of the blurry obituary. I brought it into her profile page and put the trans. into her Notes on her page.

I then went on to some other person on the tree and this person was in my list to do and I even had a reference to a link in Google News Archive collection that I had found earlier in my work on this tree.


What if the blurry obit can be found in the Google News collection. I looked for the obit date and sure enough there it was and this scan was beautiful, crisp and clear. I of course grabbed it; reworked it as a nice clipped item and put the two on her profile page.

So learn from me, and look for a better quality scan; you never know what you will find in the many different newspaper collections.

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